1920 Born in the Armenian district of Sölöz, Turkey.
1923-1930 Early childhood in Salonique, Greece.
1930 Arrived in France where he still lives and works. At the age of 14, he takes art classes in Montparnasse, Paris.
1936-1938 Ecole des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France. Diploma in 1938.
1939 FIrst participation to the Salon des independants, Paris.
1940’s Regular attendance at La Grande Chaumière workshop in Montparnasse, Paris.
1950s Exhibitions in France : Galerie Doucet, Galerie Hervé, Paris.
1951 Wins the Populist Prize, France.
1953 Wins the Antral Prize, France.
1954 Obtains the French National Art Grant for his work.
1957 Starts to exhibit internationally.
1958 Wins the First Price at the Biennale de Bruges Prize, Belgium.
1958 Wins the First Price at the Comparaison Art Fair, Mexico.
1960s Exhibitions in Europe and North America.
1969 Retrospective at Mitsukosi Corporation, Tokyo, Japan.
1970s Exhibitions in Europe, America and Asia.
1978 Opening of the Galerie Matignon, Paris, exclusive worldwide representation of his work. Permanent exhibitions.
1992 Opening of the Jansem Museum, Tokyo Ginza, Japan.
1993 Opening of the Azumino Jansem Museum, Azumino, Nagano-Ken, Japan.
1997 Appointed Chevalier of the French Arts and Literature Order.
2002 Trip to the Republic of Armenia, official opening of his exhibition « Massacres » at the Genocide Memorial of Armenia, Erevan. He receives the Medal « Mesrop Mashtots »  from the President of Armenia. He also receives an Emeritus Doctorate from the Republic of Armenia’s National Academy of Sciences.
2003 Appointed Chevalier of the French Legion of Honour.
2003 A series of 4 documentary films was produced in DVD format on his life and work. Available in English, French and Japanese at Galerie Matignon, Paris.
2010 Granted the Armenian Medal of Honour by the President of the Armenian Republic during his official visit to Paris, for his contribution to the reinforcement of French-Armenian friendship.
2013 Jean Jansem passed away peacefully at home on August 27th 2013.
Selected recent exhibitions
2014 Jansem – 75 years of painting. Retrospective paintings, drawings, sculptures. Galerie Matignon, Paris.
2014 Jansem d’après nature, Maison des arts d’Antony, France. Landscape paintings and drawings.
2013 Hommage to Jansem – Galerie Matignon, Paris, France. Retrospective a his life’s work.
2012 Jansem’s Studio Work, Galerie Matignon, Paris, France, Nocturne Rive Droite 2012.
2012 Nature Reloaded, group exhibition : Jansem, Eveline Boulva, Martin Bureau, Pierre henri Chauveau, Erohe du Azac, Valérie Exposito, Claude Gaspari, Francis Giacobetti, Jean Guichard, Arik Levy, Pascal Teffo, Muriel Moreau, Zoé Ouvrier, Julien Perenet, Joy de Rohan Chabot, Galerie Matignon, Paris, France.
2012 Art Paris/Art Fair 2012, Grand Palais, Paris, France : presented by Galerie Matignon.
2011 Jansem, Humanist Artist, paintings and drawings retrospective, Platinium Tower, Beyrouth, Lebanon.
2011 100% Drawing, group exhibition : Jansem, Arthur Aeschbacher, Bernard Buffet, Emile Gilioli, Julio Gonzalez, Eric Lepoureau, Aristide Maillol, Pablo Picasso, Roland Topor, Joachim Torres-Garcia, Galerie Matignon, Paris, France.
2011 Engravings, group exhibition : Jansem, Bernard Buffet, Salvador Dali, Eric Lepoureau, Georges Rouault, Pascal Teffo, Galerie Matignon, Paris, France.
2010 Prenez la plume, group exhibition : Jansem, Eric Lepoureau, Philippe Ségéral, Pascal Teffo, Reuven Zahavi, Galerie Matignon, Paris, France.
2010 European Contemporary Art Fair, Saint-Brisson sur Loire, France.
2010 Landscapes, Galerie l’Art Ancien, Orleans, France.