Bernard Buffet

Bernard Buffet (1928 – 1999) is one of the most important French artists from the generation of Post-War figuration. He is considered by many critics as a pioneer of Pop Art and Narrative Figuration. His work is rooted in a radical new expression, sharp, far from any commonplace. Buffet has a powerful, often violent look at the reality of modern life. His work is without taboos and without compromise, a rich although tragic vision of  life complemented by powerful graphics. See the online catalogue of the exhibition « Bernard Buffet The Great » at MAD Museum Art & Design Singapore from January 21 to February 29, 2016. Two retrospective exhibitions of  Bernard Buffet are currently presented in Paris : « Buffet intimement » at the Montmartre Museum and « Bernard Buffet, Retrospective » at the museum of Modern Art of Paris.